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We are developing high grade Multi Stage Thermal Evaporator. ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE ETP. Zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) is a Industrial Waste Water treatment process. AUTOMATIC EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT. Industrial Effulent Treatment Process. .

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Todate the primary process deployed along the Gulf is Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) evaporation.MSF performance relies primarily on heat transfer between vapour and brine solution along a temperature .

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TE1000 – Triple effect Evaporator Multi stage evaporator Evaporation capacity 500 hg/hr @ 3 bar (g) steam pressure; Economy Ratio: 2.5 kg/kg QE1500 – Quadruple effect evaporator Multi effect evaporator Evaporation capacity 500 hg/hr @ 3 bar (g) steam pressure; Economy Ratio: 2.5 kg/kg QE2000 – Quadruple effect Evaporator

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A two evaporator single compressor with individual expansion valves for each evaporator after passing through the back pressure valve enters into the compressors and hence there is a significant rise in temperature is observed. This system helps in dropping the pressure from high pressure evaporators with the help of back pressure valves.

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Multi-stage Evaporation plants are one of the most widely used processes for evaporation plants, especially with high evaporation capacities required. The principle is simple. It is the first stage heated with fresh steam, the subsequent stages use steam from the previous stage to heat the heating surfaces.

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The present study is applied on the seawater multi-stage flash (MSF) desalination plant that is currently under operation in Al-Khafji operations plant located in Saudi Arabia (KSA). The plant contains 20 evaporator stages at capacity of 600,000 gallon per day (GPD). The presented operating data has been collected during a visit of the plant.

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Thermal vapor recompression (TVR) uses a steam ejector to compress the vapor leaving the evaporator vessel. In this application, the steam ejector is often called a thermocompressor; its primary purpose is to compress vapor, but its secondary benefit is creating vacuum within the evaporator vessel.

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For instance thermal desalting systems such as Multi-Stage Flash consume specific mechanical equivalent energy of about 4 kWh/m 3 of desalinated water, and heat energy in the range of 20 kWh/m 3, whilst RO desalting systems reduce the total energy requirement to 4–6 .

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Jun 02, 2005 · Multi-stage flash distillation (MSF) is a water desalination process that distills sea water by flashing a portion of the water into steam in multiple stages of what are essentially countercurrent heat exchangers. . The total evaporation in all the stages is up to approximately 85% of the water flowing through the system, depending on the .