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Reactor for continuous polymerization in a high viscosity .

Reactor for continuous polymerization in a high viscosity medium Renken, Albert ; Tien, Nguyen Khac ; Streiff, Felix The title reactor, of simple construction and suppressing segregation and overheating, consists of a tube filled with static mixing elements, sepd. into a 1st segment which is sepd. by a recirculating pump from the 2nd and 3rd .

ioMosaic Corporation - Chemical Processing

High viscosity two-phase flow occurs in many industrial scale reactors handling polymer systems. For ex-ample, a runaway reaction in a monomer tank can lead to high vis-cosity two-phase flow. Following such a runaway reaction, polymeriza-tion and decomposition products are produced in the reactor and vented through the reactor's emergency re-

Heat exchanger for high viscosity - KUROSE SPIRAL HX.

Good at High viscosity / KSH-2V(Cross-flow) In generally, high viscosity is very difficult to be cooled or heated. Viscosity variation depends on fluid temperature. Viscosity variation greatly depends on fluid temperature" means that fluid does not flow uniformly.

Plug Flow Reactor

Plug Flow Reactors for Viscous Materials Tubular reactors filled with static mixing elements are often used as plug glow reactors for viscous materials. small diameter long residence time static mixer Figure #2: Typical layout of a skid-mounted plug flow reactor. Figure #1: GX static mixer used in plug flow reactors for viscous materials.

High Viscosity Technology

Core Competence High Viscosity Technology Positive displacement discharge Buss-SMS-Canzler is a leading inter - national supplier of thermal separa - tion solutions for difficult products and mixtures. We are the world's lea - ding supplier of thin film evaporation technology. This is due to the long-standing experience and expertise of

Understanding High Viscosity Mixing

High-viscosity mixers of the rotational type tend to operate at low speeds (at blade-tip speeds from 200 to 800 ft/min). Shear can be produced by the simple motion of the blade passing through the product. It is affected by product viscosity, blade width, blade speed, blade design, the number of blades, the proximity of the blade to the tank .

High Viscosity Technology - Traxxys

High Viscosity Processing 12 RG / Nov - 2012 • Application tailored • Fast change from one quality to another • Wide range of product grades handled in one unit • No downtime/losses due to product entrainment • Quick reactions • Excellent devolatilization • Homogeneous product quality • High product quality, good color, no degradation Key Benefits • Versatile adjustable designs

SCP series high-viscosity self-cleaning reactor and large .

SCP series high-viscosity self-cleaning reactor and large-capacity devolatilizer . SCP(Self-Clean Processor)new self-cleaning and devolatilier series, It integrates many advantages, such as self-cleaning and interface renewal ability of twin-screw extruder, large heat transfer area of thin film evaporator and large working volume of reactor.

Non-Newtonian/High Viscosity Mixers | Philadelphia Mixing .

Category: Top-Entry Product Description. The CounterFlow Impeller platform provides break-through impeller technology for complex fluid mixing. This high viscosity mixer is ideal for blending of different viscosities and processes where the rheology or viscosity evolves over time such as transitions from laminar to turbulent flow in polymerization, or food applications.


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Reactor Design and Analysis — Introduction to Chemical and .

This reactor type is generally run at steady state with continuous flow of reactants and products. . As somewhat of an aside, let's take a look at the mixing of high viscosity liquids in a Couette viscometer, a device that is useful in measuring the viscosity of fluids.

Process reactor - All industrial manufacturers - Videos

With the design of High Viscosity Liquids Reactors, Isımsan combines many expertise in process technology . Compare this product Don't compare this product. See the other products . The Parallel Reactor system integrates five 160mL, 4560 Series Stirred Micro Reactors. They are rated for use at 350 °C and 3000psig or 200 bar.

Kneader reactor - Wikipedia

A kneader reactor (or kneading reactor) is a machine that specializes in mixing and kneading substances, particularly those with high viscosity.Many industries, such as the Food Industry, utilize machines similar to the Kneader reactor to produce goods.For example, polymers, chewing gum can be produced using these machines. Although the machine has existed for decades, kneader reactors are .

LIST KneaderReactor for the polymers & elastomers industry

Modeling and simulatio of poymerization of lactide to polylactic acid and co-polymers of polylactic acid using high viscosity Kneader Reactors Polymerization of lactide to polylactic acid (PLA) can be performed using conventional reactor technology such as stirred tank reactors, but the conversion and/or final molecular weight may have to be .

Rubber and plastic kneader reactor - C9 Petroleum Resin .

Rubber and plastic kneader reactor. Introduction. Kneader Kneader is a kind of high viscosity of elastic-plastic material mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersion and polymerization of ideal equipment,it has the advantage of stir well, no dead angle, high efficiency of kneading. Kneader is widely used in high viscosity sealant, silicone rubber .

Expanding Blade Mixer, High Viscosity

Overview Air driven expanding blade bung-mounted agitator. Graco's expanding blade agitators are engineered for quick installation and operation. The standard 1.5 and 2 inch threaded housing makes installation and operation as simple as threading on the agitator and adjusting the .

High Viscosity Two-Phase Flow Through Relief Valves and Pipes

High viscosity two-phase flow occurs in many industrial scale reactors handling polymer systems. For example, a runaway reaction in a monomer tank can lead to high viscosity two phase flow. Following such a runaway reaction, polymerization and decomposition products are produced in the reactor and vented through the reactor's emergency relief .

Industrial And High Viscosity Mixing Systems | Batch .

Batchranger FHDD / FDD Mixing Machine. The Batchranger rotor stator disperser utilizes Fillworth's unique Fluid wedge shear principle. The combination of an enclosed shear grid/stator and high-pressure impeller have helped to reduce product mill passes up to 75%.

Hybrid Reactor / Twin Shaft Continuous Reactor | Product .

Hybrid Reactor has been added to KURIMOTO's product lineup. This new reactor is the next level in enhanced performance from our hold-up type reactors, and is based on KURIMOTO's knowhow for its twin-shaft continuous kneader (KRC Kneader) gained over many years. Hybrid Reactor has excellent basic performance in areas such as high-viscosity .

1500 Gallon Stainless Steel Esterification/Polymerization .

1500 Gallon Stainless Steel Reactor. High Viscosity side scrape Agitator with 10 and 41 RPM output speeds. Reactor body is 316 SS polished inside. Unit is Fully Jacketed and also has an Internal coil for Cooling or Heating.

500 gallon stainless steel double motion reactor for high .

Details about 500 gallon stainless steel double motion reactor for high viscosity material. 500 gallon stainless steel double motion reactor for high viscosity material. Item Information. Condition: Used. Price: US 15,950.00 . Adding to your cart. The item you've selected was not added to .

Multifunctional Reactor suitable for . - Jinzong Machinery

*Structural principles: Multifunctional reactor is integrations of high-speed disperser and low-speed stirrer, which is very suitable for medium and high viscosity product and Thixotropic material. Stirring and dispersing at the same time can proceed simultaneously and realize ideal effect.


Mar 01, 2016 · The new reactor has a specially designed, heavy duty anchor style Lightnin ® agitator to manage the high viscosity materials. This addition will double the current capacity for high viscosity products and give AB Specialty Silicones the capability to produce materials with viscosity up to ~500,000 centipoise. As a result, AB Specialty .

Vessel and Reactor Valves - JLS USA

They are ideal for use in liquid and gas service, or with slurries, polymers and high viscosity fluids which may solidify. Our Vessel and Reactor Valves consist of our Soft Seal Piston Drain Valves, Metal and Dual Seated Piston Valves, Disc Valves, Rising Disc Valves and Spray and Rinse Valves.

Laboratory Reactors - IKA

The present work describes a novel process for sulfur removal from high boiling, high viscosity petroleum fractions, wherein a sulfur removal efficiency as high as 95% is observed.

US3476522A - High viscosity reactors - Google Patents

High viscosity reactors Download PDF Info . Prior art keywords reactors wiper columns zone reaction mass Prior art date 1966-11-16 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.)

High Viscosity Stainless Reactor For Glue Mousetraps - Buy .

High Viscosity Stainless Reactor For Glue Mousetraps, Find Complete Details about High Viscosity Stainless Reactor For Glue Mousetraps,Reactor For Glue Mousetraps,Reactor For Mouse & Insect Glue Traps,Reactor For Rat Adhesive Trap from Reactors Supplier or .


Reactor Type A CSTR has good heat-transfer characteristics and allows continuous operation,butit canonlybe used toa conversionlevel where heat transfer and contacting become poorbecause ofincreasing viscosity. This problemcan be overcome by diluting with solvent, but then solvent handling and recovery add greatly to the cost.

Viscous Liquid Dispensing - SWING VISCODOSE from CHEMSPEED

Gravimetric viscous liquids, pastes and creams dispensing and aspiration (oils, highly-viscous oils, pastes, waxes, etc.) into the rack / reactor format of your choice. 4-Needle Head for volumetric liquid handling and sampling. The balance moves to the destination, increasing speed and efficiency. Balance resolution of 100 µg or 10 µg.


New and improved high viscosity agitator, the body is made entirely from ONE PIECE of CLASS VI PTFE. One-piece machined body is much easier to clean. . The design provides excellent stirring at the bottom of 30 and 50L reactor systems, especially when heavy slurries are being mixed. Agitator attaches to stir shaft by both a compression .