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Chillers | Air Cooled and Water Cooled Chillers | Daikin .

Chillers make cold water or water/glycol fluid mixture in order to cool buildings or processes. Often used in conjunction with coils in air handlers, chillers receive warm fluid from the air handler coil or process load, lower the temperature of the fluid, then a pump returns the fluid to the air handler coil or process.

Air Cooled Chiller - How they work, working principle .

Jul 19, 2017 · This covers the basics of a air cooled chiller in a typical office building. By the end you should be able to identify the main components and the main circuits of a chiller.

Air-Cooled Chillers | Carrier Commercial Systems North America

Air-Cooled Chillers With solutions from 10 through 500 tons, screw or scroll, Carrier air-cooled chillers are the best choice for your needs. With a wide range of air-cooled chiller scroll and screw types, capacities (10 to 500 tons) and sustainable refrigerant options, Carrier is a leader in the industry.

Water-cooled Chillers | Johnson Controls

Water-cooled Chillers Energy-optimized Solutions for Ultimate Performance With a reputation of delivering chiller systems, proven to be the best operating in real-world conditions, you can feel comfortable investing in a solution from the chiller experts. Our chillers are designed to perform optimally in conditions which they will operate while .

Used Chillers for sale | Refurbished Trane, York, Carrier .

A chiller's heat exchanger (also referred to as the evaporator or chiller barrel) removes heat from the water or glycol that is being cooled. We recover all refrigerant, pressure test the heat exchanger for leaks then pull a sub-500 micron vacuum in the refrigerant circuit to .

Trailblazer | Air-cooled Scroll Chiller | Daikin Applied

With a 10 to 240 ton range, the Trailblazer® air-cooled chiller gives you the scale to fit your cooling needs, and it offers the best overall value in air-cooled packaged chillers available today. Its quiet operation, high efficiency, and RapidRestore technology make these chillers ideal for mission critical buildings, data centers, healthcare .

Used Chillers For Sale, Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled-American .

Chillers are of two types; air-cooled or water-cooled. Air-cooled chillers are usually outside and consist of condenser coils cooled by fan-driven air. Water-cooled chillers are usually inside a building, and heat from these chillers is carried by recirculating water to a heat sink such as an outdoor cooling tower.

Air Cooled Chillers - Smardt Chiller Group Inc.

Air-cooled chiller range – 60 TR to 450 TR The Smardt air-cooled range offers the smallest footprint on the market, the quietest operation on the market (in both standard and low-noise configurations) and the highest air-cooled operating efficiencies on the market. Condenser coils use a V configuration to optimize heat rejection and footprint.

Chiller Cooling Capacity - How to calculate - The .

Jul 22, 2017 · Cooling capacity of a chiller, what we need to know. Let look at how to calculate the cooling capacity. We'll first look at how to calculate in metric units and then imperial. Metric units: The water flow rate of chilled water into the evaporator is 0.0995m3/s, the inlet temperature is 12*c and the outlet temperature is 6*c.

American Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems

From air, water, and split system chillers, American Chillers provides products of superior quality to meet your specific needs. We welcome your cooling challenge and will help you to determine system loads and project requirements, then assist you in sizing the proper Water Chiller, Cooling Tower or System for the job.

Used Chillers - Used and Surplus Inventory | IPP

Much like a Boiler is used to heat a process, a Chiller and other Refrigeration equipment is typically used to cool a process. Chillers work by compressing a refrigeration gas (R132A, Freon, R22) into a liquid, and using a special refrigeration valve, releasing the compressed liquid back into a gas.

Air- and Water-Cooled Chillers & Components | Carrier .

With a wide range of types, capacities and sustainable refrigerant options, Carrier is a leader in chiller options. With non-ozone depleting refrigerant, simple installation, superior efficiency and powerful controls, these units are ideal for both replacement and new construction projects.

What Is An Air Cooled Chiller & How Does It Work?

Nov 16, 2016 · Air-cooled chillers are refrigeration systems used in both commercial and industrial facilities to cool fluids and/or dehumidify air. They are used in a wide variety of settings including hotels, corporate events, restaurants, sporting events, large-scale construction, industrial and manufacturing plants, and so forth.

ClimaCool - ClimaCool

Precise Performance for Today's Systems ClimaCool designs and manufactures modular chiller systems configurable to meet your requirements. Our modular chillers are ideally suited for all commercial systems including heat recovery and heat pumps, free cooling, geoexchange central plants .

Chiller Tonnage Sizing & Capacity Calculator | Cold Shot .

For example, what size chiller is required to cool 40GPM from 70°F to 58°F? ?T°F = 70°F - 58°F = 12°F BTU/hr. = 40gpm x 60 x 8.33 x 12°F = 239,904 BTU/hr.

Cool Chiller Treats Blender - Midwest Equipment Company

Cool Chiller Treats Blender with graphic as shown; 2 cases of Cool Chiller cups (your choice of 12oz, 16oz, 24oz) 2 cases of lids (flat or dome) 1 case of spoons; Cool Chiller POP kit: 5 posters, 1 Outdoor banner, table tents and rewards cards! That's over a 1,600 value for only 1,295! Hurry! This special pricing is only valid through 2/28 .

Water Cooled Chiller,Water Cooled Chiller System .

Water Cooled Chiller is a device used to remove heat and transfer it to the environment. Water-cooled chillers are mostly used in air-conditioning, industry, or any other specific places that require temperature control. Water Cooled Chiller has advantages over air-cooled chiller in terms of capacity, efficiency, life, and environmental impact.

The Difference Between a Chiller and a Cooling Tower | Hunker

Chillers absorb heat from a coolant, which is fully contained in a cooling system. The chiller then transfers heat to the air around the chiller unit. Though chillers and cooling towers perform similar functions, they vary according to their types and components used, and the nature of the equipment they cool .

Water-Cooled vs. Air-Cooled Chillers

How to Choose the Right Process Cooling Chiller | SmartBlog

Chillers | SMC Corporation of America

This thermo chiller is designed to cool the optical head and oscillator of a laser processing system. Considerable space savings can be realized compared to a two chiller solution. All operations can be managed from a single touch panel. A triple inverter controls power consumption of the fan, pump, and compressor for optimal energy savings.

Chiller - Wikipedia

Air cooled chillers exchange heat from processing water, and the heat is then transferred to the air outside. This type of air chiller system is widely used where the water resource is insufficient. INDUSTRIAL CHILLERS Any types of industrial chillers to chill industrial equipment or processing. Coolsoon air cooled chillers and water cooled .

: IceProbe Thermoelectric Aquarium Chiller - 4 .

A single IPAC-50W chiller can cool 10 gallons of water 6F to 8F, 20 gallons of water 3F to 4F and 40 gallons of water 1F to 2F below ambient air temperature in a standard aquarium. For greater cooling multiple units can be used. Product details. Product Dimensions: 9 x 0.5 x 8 inches ; 3.2 pounds .

Chiller vs. Cooling Tower: What's the Difference? - Sensorex

A water-cooled chiller is a type of chiller that's usually combined with a cooling tower for large-capacity applications like water-jet cutting and food processing. With large-capacity applications, it's possible that an air-cooled chiller will generate too much heat.

How Does A Chiller Work? - What Is A Chiller & How To .

In most process cooling applications, a pumping system circulates cool water or a water/glycol solution from the chiller to the process. This cool fluid removes heat from the process and the warm fluid returns to the chiller. The process water is the means by which heat transfers from the process to the chiller.

Industrial Chillers for sale

Make Offer - 5 TON KOOLANT KOOLERS AIR COOLED CHILLER MODEL KV5000 . 4 TON TEMPTEK AIR COOLED CHILLER MODEL CF-4A. 2,900.00 + 350.00 shipping. Make Offer - 4 TON TEMPTEK AIR COOLED CHILLER MODEL CF-4A. Trane Air Cooled Chiller RTAA070, 70 Ton 460V MFD 2001 R-22 Used. 12,000.00.

Energy Cost Savings Calculator for Air-Cooled Electric .

Base model - Values represent a 100-ton air-cooled electric chiller operated for 2,000 full-load hours per year with an EER of 9. The performance of this standard unit is based on ASHRAE Standard 90.1. Default values - The values pre-loaded into the calculator represent average operating conditions in the Federal sector. Calculations assume that efficiency ratings entered by the user are based .

Industrial Chillers for sale

Seifert kg 4269 Schaltschrankkühlgerät 793.10; York 591 Ton Water Cooled Chiller 18,500.00; New Listing Embraco Refrigerator Inverter for W10449006 1/3 hp 115 to 230 0.99; NEW 2 ton Glycol Chiller N American Made OUTDOOR 208/230V 1P 25F temp IN STOCK

Air-Cooled Chiller | Sintesis Helical Rotary Chiller Model .

Trane ® Sintesis ™ air-cooled chillers offer excellent solutions to meet customer requirements for efficiency, quiet operation and sustainability — all with lower first costs and legendary Trane reliability.. Energy efficiency, with over 25 percent higher part-load efficiency than required by ASHRAE 90.1–2013. Multiple sound-reduction options are engineered into every Sintesis chiller .

Air-Cooled Chillers | BV Thermal Systems

Air-Cooled Chillers from BV Thermal Systems are portable, convenient, whisper quiet and designed, engineered and manufactured for reliable and accurate cooling. Our Air-Cooled have been optimized for such demanding and various industries such as laboratories, pharmaceutical, chemical, laser and so many more.. Our Air-Cooled Chillers are easy to use, and easy to maintain which makes them the .

: aquarium chiller

Active Aqua AACH10HP Water Chiller Cooling System, 1/10 HP, Rated per hour: 1,020 BTU, User-Friendly,Black 4.3 out of 5 stars 155 DaToo Aquarium Chiller Fish Tank Fan Aquarium Cooling Fan, 1 .