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Recirculating Water Cooled Chiller | BV Thermal Systems

About Recirculating Water-Cooled Chillers. The Recirculating Water Cooled Chiller from BV Thermal Systems is designed designed to optimize the condenser to minimize water usage while circulating a fluid medium between +5° to +35°C and is utilized extensively in the laser and semiconductor industry.

Used Recirculating Chillers for sale. Neslab equipment .

Neslab CFT-25 Recirculating Chiller. Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific DESCRIPTION Compressor 3/4 HP Digital Control Voltage 220V AC 50-60 HZ Amperage 6.8 amps Cooling capacity 2100 watts Pump PD 2 Temp range +5 to +30 degrees C .

Recirculating Chillers | BV Thermal Systems

The environmentally friendly Recirculating Chillers are the ideal solution when you require accurate temperature control. Recirculating Chillers from BV Thermal Systems offer continuous cooling with temperature from +5° to +27°C. Featuring a low profile design with high quality locking casters, the cost effective Recirculating Chillers provide a small footprint with exceptional performance .

Compact Recirculating Water Chiller | Sunstone Welders

Water Chiller systems are used in resistance welding to reduce heat build-up in electrodes and cables. When paired with water-cooled cables and water-cooled handpiece, high power and or repeated welding applications can be completed without damaging welding equipment.A water chiller is a closed-loop circulation system designed for heat transfer.

Water Chillers | LabTech

LabTech offers a complete line of recirculating water chillers to virtually match all laboratory needs with 10 models featuring temperatures from -20 to 35°C and cooling capacities from 500W to 9000W. LabTech's state-of-the-art water chillers ensure accurate and constant cooling conditions of instruments even in the harsh laboratory .

Recirculating Chiller (A Series) - Dimplex Thermal Solutions

Recirculating Chiller (A Series) Highly Customizable and Cleanable. 2-60 Tons of Cooling Designed to cool water soluble oil, oils of all different viscosities and water applications. Filtration available, as well as pumps to provide tank re-circulation. The A Series options include water-cooled or remote condensers, blower packages, process .

Thermo Scientific Thermoflex 900 Recirculating Chiller .

Thermo Scientific Thermoflex 900 Recirculating Chiller. The Thermo Scientific Thermoflex 900 Recirculating Chiller is an air-cooled unit that uses ambient-temperature room air to remove heat through its condenser. This chiller offers powerful cooling abilities, a large temperature range, and sophisticated controller technology.

DLSB-50/80 Recirculating Chiller,Recirculating Chillers

Home > Products > Recirculating Chillers. DLSB-50/80 Recirculating Chiller. We can supply different types of chillers. Capacity: 5L-100L Temperature: -10℃ to -120℃ .

Used Chillers | Buy & Sell | EquipNet

EquipNet is the world's leading provider of used chillers and various other preowned equipment. Our exclusive contracts with our clients yield a wide range of used chillers from a number of respected OEMs, including Carrier Corporation, Trane, York, GEA, and various others.If you do not see the used chiller you are looking for, call one of our representatives and we will find it for you.

Circulating Chillers | Marshall Scientific

Recirculating Chillers: Sort By: Page of 6 : Thermo Scientific Thermoflex 900 Recirculating Chiller Thermoflex 900 Recirculating Chiller Specifications. Standard Chiller Process. Fluid Temperature/Setpoint Range. 5 °C to 40 °C . Ambient Temperature Range. 10 °C to 40 °C . Temperature Stability ±0.1 °C .

Recirculating Chillers | McMaster-Carr

Chillers rated for 4, 300 and 11, 300 Btu/hr. have a cooling capacity based on a 65° F liquid temperature and a 95° F room temperature. Chillers rated for 24, 000 to 60, 000 Btu/hr. have a cooling capacity based on a 65° F liquid temperature and a 90° F room temperature. Chillers with a bypass valve recirculate liquid in the chiller if the .

Recirculating Chiller F-325 | buchi.com

When you use a solvent like petroleum ether, a recirculating chiller should be implemented if the tap water is warmer than 15 °C. The temperature difference between the boiling point of the solvent and the cooling water temperature should be 20 - 25 °C in order to achieve a good condensation of the solvent in the condenser and to keep a good solvent recovery.

Recirculating Water Chiller for Rotary Evaporator or .

VEVOR Laboratory Chiller Circulator 5L Chiller Lab -20℃ Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulator Pump Chiller Lab Recirculating Chiller Water Bath Recirculating Water Cooling Chiller for Laboratory 959.99. EcoPlus 728709 Chiller, 1.5 HP 4.1 out of 5 stars 11. 1,527.65 .

Recirculating Coolers | JULABO USA, Inc.

FL Recirculating Coolers Chill Environmentally Friendly and Economical. The FL series offers a new generation of chillers for routine cooling applications within the laboratory and industry. The temperature stability of the PID control is ±0.5°C. Show products

Recirculating Chiller - Buy Online from Lab Society

The C-Series recirculating chillers are highly functional, thermostatic control laboratory chillers. This workhorse is suitable for just about any lab application you can throw at it. An easy-to-use, thermostatic control recirculating chiller. Ready to go right out of the box, these products were designed with simplicity and usability in mind.

Recirculating Chiller: Circulating Water Cooler | HYFRA

These recirculating chillers are equipped with high-power pumps featuring flow monitoring. At an adequate input pressure level, they keep the refrigerant in circulation. These chiller can be set up within a generous radius around the machine to be cooled.

Neslab Chiller | Labx

Thermo Scientific Neslab ThermoFlex recirculating chillers are reliable, easy-to-use chillers optimized for the most demanding applications. The Thermo Scientific Neslab ThermoFlex platform was developed with customer input from concept to design. The result is an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, high-performance chiller platform configurable to .

Recirculating Chillers for Industrial Lasers | The World .

The Nextreme Recirculating Chiller Platform from Laird Thermal Systems offers reliable and precise temperature control for industrial laser applications. Utilizing high-performance variable speed motors, it offers low noise operation and reduced energy consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional compressor-based systems.

RC Recirculating Chillers | Grant Instruments

The Grant RC recirculating chillers are ideal for these applications. Before water became an expensive commodity tap water was frequently used as a source of powerful, high pressure cooling. Unlike tap water, RC chillers provide a constant flow at a precise, repeatable temperature and can operate at temperatures as low as -10°C.

Recirculators & Chillers - Recirculating Chillers - For .

Also, the speed and accuracy of production can increase as you maintain a constant and proper cooling temperature in the equipment. For all your chilling needs requiring high stability with a wide variety of temperature control, select from our extensive range of recirculating chillers. .

Water Recirculating Chillers for sale

New Listing Riedel PC31.02-KE Air-Cooled Recirculating Chiller 400/460VAC, 3Ph, 5.4A

RS Recirculating Chiller | Thermal Products | SP Scientific

RS Recirculating Chiller The RS Series of recirculating chillers includes the RS33, RS33 low temperature, RS44 and RS44 low temperature systems. These are bench top recirculating chillers with a maximum low of -10C (-40C for low temperature systems) and a maximum high of + 35C (+75C high temperature option on RS33).

Recirculating Water Chillers - BMI Surplus, Inc

SKU: 63600 Neslab HX 150 Recirculating Chiller 3,700.00 SKU: 12468 Neslab Instruments Inc. HX-100 Coolflow referigerated recirculator. 2,000.00 SKU: 22629 RTE-100 Water Bath Circulator Chiller 425.00 SKU: 63593 Ameritherm FLOWMAX 115 052-0154 chiller water to air heat exchanger 475.00

Recirculating Water Chiller at Thomas Scientific

The efficient way of cooling The Recirculating Chiller F-305 / F-308 / F-314 are specifically designed to work with laboratory equipment such as rotary evaporators, parallel evaporators, Kjeldahl, and extraction products. You benefit from convenient central temperature setting, energy-saving.

Compact Recirculating Chillers – 0- 3400 BTU

Mini - 1700 BTU Recirculating Chiller. Compact Recirculating Chillers – 0 - 3400 BTU. Laboratory Recirculating Chillers 3500 – 10500 BTU. Precision Industrial Recirculating Chillers 11000 - 47700 BTU. Standard Options . Hexid Heat Transfer Fluids. Thermoelectric Cooling Devices. Custom Chillers. Water to Water Heat Exchangers and Air Blast .

Antibodies & Protein Biology - Fisher Scientific

Recirculating chiller designed as mobile base for Rotavapor™ R-220 Pro, features temperature lock, ECO-mode and temperature control in conjunction with the Rotavapor™ R-220 Pro. Pricing & Availability; 25. Thermo Scientific™ Polar Series Accel 250 LC Cooling/Heating Recirculating Chillers .


Kodiak Recirculating Chiller Technical Manual Manual # 820-0109, Rev. AB 11/12/2019 - 4 - Visit our website SAFETY PRECAUTIONS This system is designed to provide fluid cooling only as specified in this manual.


The new T257P thermoelectric recirculating chiller from ThermoTek is our newest offering in our high performance line of solid state chillers.This new peltier chiller is the next generation design of our industry renowned T255P chiller and has both pump performance and .

ThermoFlex™ Recirculating Chillers -TF3500 – Pacific .

Optimized for the most demanding applications, Thermo Scientific™ ThermoFlex Recirculating Chillers are reliable, easy to use and easy-to-maintain. The ThermoFlex platform was developed with customer input from concept to design. This high-performance chiller platform, with cooling capacity up to 24,000 watts (81,948 btu/hr), is configurable .

11595224E en Recirculating Chiller F-305, F-308, F-314 11

Recirculating Chiller F-305, F-308, F-314 Technical data sheet The BUCHI recirculating chillers are meant to be used with laboratory equipment that requires coolant flow such as rotary evaporators, parallel evaporators, Kjeldahl- and extraction products. The F-300 line is specifically designed for seamless integration into a BUCHI Rotavapor®