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Kinetic Analysis of the Photocatalytic Degradation of Gas .

A kinetic study of the degradation of gas-phase 2-propanol was carried out using a TiO2 film photocatalyst in a batch-type reactor under relatively high-intensity UV light illumination; the incident UV intensity was varied from 35 μW cm-2 to 60 mW cm-2, and the initial 2-propanol concentration was varied from 0.1 ppmv to 100 ppmv. Although the degradation rate increased with increasing .

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Photocatalytic bacterial inactivation by TiO2-coated surfaces

Oct 04, 2013 · The photocatalytic reactor was closed by a flat glass cover and was operated in a closed exposure chamber equipped with an array of 12 fluorescent UV-A lamps (PL-S/10, Philips). Each sample was placed in the reactor and submersed in 500–700 ml of water solution (1.3 ± 0.07 μmol l -1 ), ensuring that the thickness of the solution layer .

Glass Fibers Covered with TiO2 Thin Films by Sol-Gel .

A special design of glass reactor allowed the UV lamp to be located in the center of the reactor. The photocatalyst reactor was then filled with TiO2 thin films/glass fibers substrates to exams the photocatalysis of toluene vapor ranged from 10 to 1,000 ppmv. Toluene depletion was sampled by gas chromatography (GC).

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The photocatalytic reactor comprises the inner double jacketed quartz immersion well and outer jacket of borosilicate. In UV photoreactor assembly, an immersion well fitted into the outer jacket in such way that the chances of leakage are negligible and which makes the system more productive.

Solar-Powered Photocatalytic Fiber-Optic Cable Reactor for .

The system is also compared to another fiber-optic cable reactor having a 50 percent higher photocatalytic surface area-to-reactor volume ratio to investigate mass transport limitations. Reaction rates for the oxidation of 4-chlorophenol of 25 and 12 μMmin −1 were measured for solar and artificial UV sources, respectively.

Immobilized TiO2 on glass spheres applied to heterogeneous .

The evaluation of the photocatalytic and adsorption capability of the TiO 2-400 °C catalyst immobilized on glass spheres was done with a lab scale compound parabolic collector reactor (CPC), using an Ultra-vitaluz OSRAM 300W lamp, that simulates the solar spectrum (Heredia, Sham & Farfán-Torres, 2015).

A method for coating glass beads with TiO and comparison .

Photocatalytic reactors are being investigated for their effectiveness in degrading contaminants in water and wastewater streams. Titanium dioxide (TiO 2 . reactor. These results indicate that glass beads are a very effective substrate for fixing a photocatalyst. However, comparison to results obtained by another group showed that the rate

Performance of continuous stirred-tank reactors connected .

To overcome this problem, the performance of a photocatalytic system consisting of five continuous stirred-tank reactors (CSTRs) in series was investigated. Each reactor was a square-shaped container with a glass plate immobilized with a film of TiO 2 photocatalyst at the bottom. Two 4-W blacklight blue-fluorescent lamps fixed above the .

Photo Catalytic Reactor - Photo Electrochemical Cell .

the photocatalytic reaction and design, each reaction capacity is 5-100ML, which can reduce the radiation hazards, the waste of the material; the device from the inside and outside the reactor, the inner water-cooling protection device, the outer layer of the main reactor, PTFE

Design Optimization of Photocatalytic Glass Tubular .

An empirical-correlation analysis was conducted to characterize the performance of the photoreactor with respect to the reactor dimensions, UV irradiance, and volumetric flow rate of treated air. Based on the empirical-correlation results, design optimization analysis of photocatalytic tubular honeycomb reactor was successfully accomplished.

Analysis of Recycled-Glass Immobilised and Suspended TiO2 .

process into the reactor vessel was neither specific nor pattern-structured, glass units were delicately filled into the vessel. Fig. 1: Titanium dioxide coated broken glass units . 2.3. Photocatalytic reactors installation and setup In the reactor packing process larger pieces were preferred to maximise the spacing between glass units

A Continuous-flow Photocatalytic Reactor for the Precisely .

The reactor has two main components: a UV illumination and a reservoir compartment. The illumination section consists of a quartz tube, which is exactly fixed along the central axis of a cylindrical tube with a polished aluminum liner. The reservoir consists of a 1 L sealed-cap glass bottle with gas and liquid (reactants) inlets and outlets.

Photocatalytic degradation of organophosphate pesticides .

Customized photocatalytic reactor and filtration assembly. All the photocatalytic experiment was conducted in a rectangular borosil glass reactor that is customized in fixed dimensions. Two UV lamp of 11W (Philips) having wavelength of 365 nm were used as a source of UV in the customized photo reactor fitted over the roof of the reactor.

Photocatalytic Reactors and Light Sources

Glass Fibre/Membrane Reactors. Glass fibre/ membrane reactor consists of a UV light emitting lamp that has number of layers of matrix material that's coated in Ti02 surrounding it. This reactor was designed by Pichat et al. (2000) since glass fibre is porous to UV light, effective catalyst/ photon can be produced, if the Ti02 layer is thin.

Photocatalytic Degradation of Anthracene in Closed System .

The experiments were carried out in glass dual wall reactor closed system type, to keep the temperature constant using chiller (Julabo model EH/Germany) as temperature controller. Agitation of the reaction mixture was provided by a magnetic stirrer (Heidolph-Mr3001). . The photocatalytic degradation of Anthracene using artificial UV light has .

KAUST Catalysis Center - Photocatalytic glass reactor system

Photocatalytic glass reactor system. Brand: Custom made from Makuhari Rikagaku Glass Inc. Model: Homemade design The custom designed photocatalytic reactor uses a top-down irradiation system where the photocatalytic reaction is performed in a recirculating batch reactor connected to a gas chromatography (GC) unit equipped with a vacuum line. .

Thicken Double Layer Heat resistant Glass Beaker Photo .

Thicken Double Layer Heat-resistant Glass Beaker Photo-catalytic Reactor Photocatalytic resent Laboratory Equipment 5.0 (6 votes) Store: LINYEYUE Laboratory Supplies Factory Store US 19.68 - .


Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Reaction. In heterogeneous photocatalytic reaction, the reactant and catalyst are present in different phases. It is a versatile photoreaction and includes dehydrogenation, metal depositing, removal of gaseous pollutants, water detoxification, mild/complete oxidations, hydrogen transfer as well as the exchange of deuterium-alkane isotopes, among others.

Photocatalytic Reactor at Rs 17000/piece | Photocatalytic .

Photocatalytic Reactor. A variety of Immersion Well Photochemical Reactors are available for the synthetic photochemist engaged in synthesis employing halogenation, oxidation, or degradation methods. The Photocatalytic Reactor are designed to be efficient and include provision for irradiation by low or medium pressure mercury lamps. Double-walled immersion wells (in quartz or borosilicate .

Problem 30-1E. The Photocatalytic Tubular Reactor .

Problem 30-1E. The photocatalytic tubular reactor shown in Figure 30-1E is used to decompose organic contaminants in liquid waste water. The inter walls of the 1.5 cm inner diameter glass tube are lined with a thin, nonporous, transparent layer of nano-crystalline titanium dioxide (TiO2), which catalyzes the oxidation of dissolved organic chemicals to carbon dioxide and water, using sunlight .

Photocatalytic Degradation of Anthracene in Closed System .

The experiments were carried out in glass dual wall reactor closed system type, to keep the temperature constant using chiller (Julabo model EH/Germany) as temperature controller. Agitation of the reaction mixture was provided by a magnetic stirrer (Heidolph-Mr3001). . The photocatalytic degradation of Anthracene using artificial UV light has .

Photocatalytic Active Coatings for Lignin Degradation in a .

2. Experimental 2.1. Flow Measurements. The reaction design consisted of TiO 2 coatings on sintered glass (150–250 μm nominal pore size), packed in a borosilicate tube 26 cm long, 1 cm outer diameter, and 6 mm internal diameter. Glass particle grain size was between 200 and 400 μm.The packed bed reactor design had advantages such as a constant plug flow and therefore a narrow residence .

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Photocatalytic toluene degradation: braiding physico .

The solving of eqn (1) and requires deriving the expression of the reaction rate as a function of the experimental variables presented in Table 1.To reach this objective, first we need to fix a formalism to obtain the reaction rate from a reaction scheme summarized in Table 2.The reaction mechanism can be simplified considering the well-established initial steps of any photocatalytic processes .

A fluidized-bed reactor for the photocatalytic .

A photocatalytic treatment system consisting of a stainless-steel tubular batch reactor equipped with a concentric UV-C lamp, shown in Fig. 1a and b, was built to the specifications presented in Table 1. The design satisfied the following criteria: easy implementation in a laboratory setting, complete and uniform fluidization of the bed .

For 250ml Double Layer Interbed Interlayer Glass Beaker .

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Development of a new photocatalytic reactor for water .

Top view of a distributive type photocatalytic reactor where glass slabs or rods are applied as a light conducting material. A.K. Ray, A.A.C.M. Beenackers/Catalysis Today 40 (1998) 73–83 75. sides of the reactor while liquid enters and exits from the other two sides. Light rays entering the conductors

Hydrodynamic Analysis on a Photocatalytic Reactor Using .

Solar technology includes a wide variety of developments in environmental applications that include photovoltaic cells and photocatalytic devices, among others. Sunlight usage as a clean energy source is highly desirable in technology applications. The main interest of this proposal is to carry on with hydrodynamic analysis in photocatalytic reactors applications where sunlight is used to .